Why Georgia?

2015 has been declared as the Year of Women by the President of Georgia as a response to challenges that the country faced in the course of 2014. Georgia is committed to protect women’s rights and promote gender equality. In this regard it is noteworthy that the country has signed the Istanbul Convention in 2014 and plans to ratify it before the end of 2015. In addition, in March 2015, the President and the Speaker of the Parliament have openly declared their support to the introduction of mandatory political quotas to increase women’s participation in politics and respective legal changes will be debated in the Parliament before the end of 2015. And last but not least, Georgia is finishing the implementation of the first phase of its National Action Plan on Women Peace and Security (2012-2015), with experience accumulated and lessons learned.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia ensured effective mobilization of government resources once carrying out the national review of the Beijing +20 in 2014 and also undergoing the periodic review with the CEDAW Committee in July 2014, the concluding comments and observations of which have provided a new blueprint for the policy and legislative developments towards enhancement of women’s rights and elimination of all forms of discrimination against women.

In 2014, Georgia signed the Association Agreement with the European Union. Thus Georgia took a huge step towards political association and economic integration, development and reform agenda, as well as strengthened cooperation with the EU in all directions. Given these dynamics, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia is convinced that Georgia is well positioned to host partners from the European Union and the neighbouring countries to engage them in a high-level discussion on the role that women and enhancement of gender equality play in democratization, development and transition processes.

  • 19:00 -
    Welcome Reception hosted by President of Georgia H.E. Giorgi Margvelashvili

    Exhibition “50 Women from Georgia”
  • 09:00 –
  • 010:00 –
    Opening of the Conference
  • 10:30 –

    Exhibition “Women Members of Constituent Assembly 1919-21” presented by Ms. Thea Tsulukiani, Minister of Justice of Georgia
  • 11:00 –
    Thematic Session I – Women's political and economic empowerment cornerstones for the achievement of gender equality
  • 12:30 –
  • Exhibition “Gender Integration in the Georgian Armed Forces” presented by Ms. Tinatin Khidasheli, Minister of Defence of Georgia
  • 13:45 –
    Thematic Session II – Women as agents of positive change in peace and security efforts
  • 15:15 –
    Coffee Break
  • 15:45 –
    Thematic Session III – Joining forces to end violence against women and girls in public and private domains
  • 17:15 –
    Coffee Break
  • 17:30 –
    Adoption of the Tbilisi Declaration and Closing Remarks
  • 20:00 –
    Gala Dinner
Tbilisi Declaration

Draft version

We, the participants of the Conference,

Having gathered at the International High-Level Conference “Achieving Gender Equality – Challenges and opportunities in the European Neighbourhood Policy Region” in Tbilisi, Georgia, in 2015 to renew our strong commitment to gender equality, human rights, the empowerment of women and girls...

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